Lakmalie Jayaweera

– Medical Researcher, Past Deputy Regional Director of Health Services, Ministry of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous medicine

Lakmalie Jayaweera is a multi-talented professional excelling in various domains. She is a dental surgeon, attorney at law, professional speaker, blogger, and health administrator. With an extensive background in the public health system of Sri Lanka, Lakmalie has held notable positions such as Deputy Regional Director of Health Services in Anuradapura and Pollonnaruwa, as well as the COVID-19 Relief Coordinator of the Northern Province.
Currently pursuing an MD in Medical Administration at the esteemed Post Graduate Institute of Medicine, Lakmalie’s thirst for knowledge and contribution to the field is relentless. Her educational qualifications include a Bachelor’s in Dental Sciences, Attorney at Law certification, Masters in Medical Administration, and she is also pursuing a Doctor of Medicine in Medical Administration. Beyond her medical expertise, Lakmalie serves as the Area Director of Toastmaster International and actively contributes to her blog,, as well as the online platform she initiated, As an advocate for climate change, she is also a director of Ecowin (International) Pvt. Ltd., an initiative striving for sustainable environmental solutions.