Bhavani Fonseka

– Senior Researcher/Attorney at Law, Centre for Policy Alternatives:

Bhavani Fonseka is a highly accomplished Senior Researcher and Attorney at Law at the Centre for Policy Alternatives. Her work revolves around extensive research, national and international advocacy, and public interest litigation, all aimed at assisting victims and affected populations throughout Sri Lanka. Bhavani has been actively involved in legal and policy reforms, public interest litigation (PIL), and various notable publications.
As the editor of books like “Elusive Justice & Emblematic Cases in Sri Lanka” (2023), “Transitional Justice in Sri Lanka: Moving Beyond Promises” (2017), and co-editor of “Salient Aspects of Public Interest Litigation Jurisprudence in Sri Lanka” (2023), Bhavani showcases her expertise in legal and human rights matters. Her contributions extend beyond academia, as she served as an adviser to the Consultation Taskforce appointed by the Government of Sri Lanka in 2016 and contributed to the drafting committee for the National Human Rights Action Plan. Bhavani Fonseka holds multiple degrees, including LLB (Hons.), LLM, and MPA, and has been recognized as an Asia21 Fellow, Mason Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School, and an Eisenhower Fellow.