TEDxColombo 2018 - COMING SOON

TEDxYouthDay 2015 – Photo Challenge

Leading upto the TEDxYouthDay weekend in November, TEDxColombo brought back the TEDxYouthDay Photo Challenge for the second consecutive year with the theme “Made in the Future.”. TEDx asks people around the world especially young people to complete the sentence “In 2035 I’m going to…” and share their ideas for the world to see.

To celebrate TEDxYouthDay and to get Sri Lankans to join in the challenge, the TEDxColombo team went out to the Good Market at Race Course in Colombo to find out what Sri Lankans (and also foreigners) would do in the year 2035. AND THE RESPONSE WAS AMAZING! Everything from being food to earth worms all the way to conquering space and even organizing more TEDx events, the ideas just kept overflowing. We had more than 175 plus people who shared their ideas with us while nearly 50 more took away what they posted so that they could post it themselves. Our wonderful volunteer photographers Rohana Amarakoon and Ushan Gunasekara,  joined us in making this event a success and the TEDxColombo team would like to thank them for taking time off to spread ideas worth sharing.

The photographs are available on our Flickr account and can be viewed below (please give it a few minutes to load).