TEDxColombo 2018 - COMING SOON

TEDxYouthDay 2014 – Photo Challenge

Leading upto the TEDxYouthDay weekend in November, TEDx brought back the TEDxYouthDay Photo Challenge this year with the theme “Worlds Imagined”. TEDx asks people around the world especially young people to complete the sentence “If I ruled the world…” and share their ideas for the world to see.


To celebrate TEDxYouthDay and to get Sri Lankans to join in the challenge, the TEDxColombo team went out to the Good Market at Race Course in Colombo to find out what Sri Lankans (and also foreigners) would do if they ruled the world. AND THE RESPONSE WAS AMAZING! From little kids to grandparents who are young at heart expressed what they would do if they ruled the world. Everything from making the world a better place to curing paralysis to getting someone to rule the world for them. We had almost 130 plus people who shared their ideas with us while nearly 50 more took away the posted so that they could post it themselves. Our wonderful volunteer photographers Rohana Amarakoon, Siyath Ranatunga, Kavindya Thomas and Minaali Haputantri joined us in making this event a success and the TEDxColombo team would like to thank them for taking time off to spread ideas worth sharing.

The photographs are currently being uploaded onto our Flickr account and can be viewed below (please give it a few minutes to load). Do check back again tomorrow for more photos. In the meantime, also check out our Instagram page at http://instagram.com/tedxcolombo for a sneak peak on what happened. Also, once uploaded to our social media channels, TED has promised that the best in the world would be posted on the TED Flickr page.