TEDxColombo 2018 - COMING SOON

TEDxColombo 2017 – Connecting Dots

Where do your beliefs lie? That our future is based on what we did in the past or that we are dictated by what we do in the present? What if you knew that your idea will somehow weave its way throughout time, eventually connecting in our collective future? What then? We’d like to hear you out, the idea that gave you the confidence to follow your heart even when it led you off the well-worn path. Something that’s made all the difference in you today.

‘Connecting Dots” sets out to inculcate a deeper thinking about the place that us Sri Lankans have to lead towards – or will be pushed in – in relation to determining (far-future) fields such as technology, love, health, life & living. This goes far beyond a mere out-of-the-box thinking strategy, this essentially means that the box can no longer exist or even be considered a reference, thereby allowing the uncontrolled dissemination of an idea to flourish. Rarely has our world seen before the volume of game-changing shifts it will experience between now and the forthcoming decades. Some of these transformations are apparent already, and connecting these dots to a holistic vision for the future is inevitable.