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TED Fellows

Every year, the TED Fellows program nurtures the vision and passion of 40 thought leaders and trailblazers, giving momentum to their ideas. With a global network of over 300 Fellows strong, the TED Fellows program is a hub for cross-disciplinary collaboration, connection and innovation.

The history

At TEDGlobal 2007 in Arusha, Tanzania, 100 Fellows from across Africa joined a first-of-its-kind gathering that brought together the “Cheetah” generation. TED speaker George Ayittey coined this nickname to describe a generation of young people from across Africa who were entrepreneurial, fluent in technology and “ran like the wind.” In Arusha, many new friendships, collaborations, companies, investments, websites and NGOs were born.

After the spectacular success of the first group of Fellows, TED created a permanent platform — the TED Fellows program — to feed the passion of other amazing paradigm-shifters and foster the collaborative spirit.

How to become a TED Fellow

TED is looking for the next generation of innovators who have demonstrated remarkable accomplishment and potential to positively affect the world. If you are one that matches this description, you too can apply for the program. Visit https://www.ted.com/participate/ted-fellows-program to find out how to apply.

TED Fellows from Sri Lanka

As of 2014, 3 Sri Lankans have been selected for the TED Fellow program. Citizen journalist and Editor of Groundviews Sanjana Hattotuwa was the first Sri Lankan to become a TED Fellow. Blue Whale scientist Asha de Vos was accepted into the program in 2012. Opera singer Tharanga Goonetilleke is the latest TED Fellow and was accepted into the program in 2014. Click on their profiles below to view more information about them.


Tharanga Goonetilleke

Tharanga Goonetilleke

Opera Singer

Soprano Tharanga Goonetilleke is a native of Sri Lanka. She graduated with her Artist Diploma for Opera Studies as well as her Master of Music degree in Voice and Opera…

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Asha De Vos

Asha de Vos

Blue Whale Scientist

I am a marine biologist currently working with blue whales in the Northern Indian Ocean.I am trying to stop them getting hit and killed by large container ships.For this I…

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Sanjana Hattotuwa

Sanjana Hattotuwa

Citizen Journalist

Schooled at S. Thomas' College, Mount Lavinia, Sanjana read English at the University of Delhi, India and as a Rotary World Peace Fellow, was awarded an Advanced Masters in Conflict…

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