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Kulani Abendroth-Dias

Behavioral Scientist

Kulani is a behavioural scientist with a background in social and political psychology focusing on intergroup contact, justification of wrongdoing (moral disengagement), dangerous speech formation, and interventions that can foster negotiation and reconciliation in conflict and post-conflict societies. She received her Master’s degree in Social Psychology from Princeton University, USA, was a predoctoral fellow at the Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences in Germany, and has consulted for Over Zero, a non-profit working to build more resilient post-conflict societies. She has received numerous awards for her work including the Wisnewski Award for Creativity and Research. She is currently employed by the United Nations Development Programme, working as a behavioural scientist at the Citra Social Innovation Lab.

Please note that the opinions and research shared during Kulani’s talk are not reflective of the work she carries out with her current employer.