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Chinthaka Thenuwara

Co-Founder - Collective Of Contemporary Artists

Chinthaka is an international and local award-winning photographer/ artist and collector/restorer. Within his art practice, ‘Time’ is represented as a symbolic process and deals with an inherent contradiction with the socio-political and cultural context in Sri Lanka. Together with his wife- Poornima, He is a co-founder and a director of the Collective of Contemporary Artists (CoCA). The first pioneering art organization in Sri Lanka bringing forth art forms such as public-space, socially-engaged and sustainable art. He has rendered his service as a lecturer at the University of Moratuwa and Raffles Design Institute in Sri Lanka. Chinthaka also avidly enjoys collecting and restoring vintage audio equipment, HiFi, various audio formats, clocks and other various antiques to vintage machines to everyday objects that at some point had an impact on life, on both a social and cultural context.

Note that Chinthaka will be doing the talk jointly together with Poornima